Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 356

People are always doing insanely nice things for me: Kate sends me random packages, Ri constantly helps with the boys, my mom spends weeks researching and sewing Halloween costumes for the boys, Jon picks up lengths and lengths of my slack. 

But lately, it seems, I'm being showered with kindness. The other day Megan showed up at school with a gift bag full of Yogi tea. For me! (I'd been admiring the images of their messages on Instagram.) A few days later Liz sent me the packing lists (below) she'd seen and picked up because they made her think of me.

And today  - biting off more than I could chew - I took both boys  and Dempsey to the playground. The boys were clamoring all over the new equipment (thank you Kelli, Sarah and April!) and I was trying to make sure no one broke a leg -  or worse. Demps (who was on a leash that wasn't in my hand) was running up to everyone, greeting them excitedly. I was keeping an eye to make sure he wasn't bothering anyone, still trying to watch the boys. Which was pretty unsuccessful. Just as I was starting to feel like this was a bad idea (with good intentions), Digs ran up to the man leaning against a rock. The man who kicked him.

In response, I asked the man to please not kick my dog, which lead to a very unpleasant conversation altercation. I was shocked. I was in Burlington where people just don't kick dogs—even if I was in the wrong, which was I was, as Dempsey was off leash. But I apologized... expecting to get an apology back. And I didn't. 

But what I did get - when my friends saw that I was upset - was the kindest show of social support: my peeps made me laugh, helped me feel less guilty for my bad judgement and held Demps when Kai seemed stuck in a compromising position that required me to have both hands free. 

Good people. So many good, thoughtful people in my world. 

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