Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 366...

... of 366. Which means this is blog is a wrap. And I'm sad to see it end. Really. 

I loved coming here and working out my days in words. I loved capturing this time in the boys' lives, day by day, often telling their stories in their words, full of sweet idiosyncrasies, so transient. I loved hearing from friends that they could totally relate to my world, as it seemed parallel to theirs. And I love that I have this record of my 36th year. 

I just turned 37. 

This year really was a good was a good one. No, I did not accomplish all I set out to do. I'm still afraid of sharks and driving in most metropolitan areas, I have not learned to sew like my Mom and I'm not sure my running pace has improved at all. 

But I definitely am more grateful. I am so very grateful I get to share my life with three quirky, fun, smart, passionate, loud guys. I am grateful for the family I was born into and the family I've chosen in my closest friends. I am thankful for all of my friends and so glad that I've reconnected with many of them this year. 

I know that I'm incredibly lucky to be doing work I love. I am even luckier in that I like my co-workers. A lot. 

I am grateful for good health - all around. For finally figuring out how to get back to dancing (and for Jon who made that happen). For music. For libraries. For the fact that my two little boys love music and libraries. I could go on and on. But I won't. 

Because it's time to move on. I'm 37 now. It's Day 1 and I'm aiming for another awesome year, one guided by new goals. No, I won't be writing about it here... but maybe I will write about it here. Periodically. We'll see. Join me if you'd like. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Day 365

So tonight, after good many moments of anti-grace, I opened up an Energizing Green Yogi tea packet (it took all I had not to uncork a bottle of wine), and got this guy: "Grace brings contentment."

Teas readings
Awesome. Wise. But how the hell do you get grace? Is it something learned? I bet maybe if you practice really hard you can acquire grace. And I don't seem to have much time for practicing things. (Though I'd better start practicing my  dances - cause rumor has it, I'm spaced front-and-center in two pieces at the Flynn showcase performance next Monday night... and I'm still trying to learn some of the choreography we covered when I was sick. And find a fedora. Anyone? Anyone?)

But actually I've been working hard at keeping calm(er) while carrying on - and I do think it helps. Sure, I may still be showing somewhat subtle signs of freak-outs: biting my lip while reviewing a to-do list ... pretzel-wrapping a kid - who socked me in the arm and refused to sit in time out - in my legs (not one of my proudest moments, for sure), sobbing ... Right: subtle is just sometimes.

...  but when I work hard, the effort of staying calm creates awareness somehow. I notice how others are keeping their shit together. I feel the solidarity and see the silent (or not-so-silent) shows of support of others who've been there, or who are there with me now.

And knowing that we're all in this together... that makes me calm. er. Calmer. And a little more content.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The real Day 364

I am grateful for this guy. (The one behind the Santa suit.)

He's a fantastic father, great partner, faithful bud to Demps and ├╝ber-awesome in-law (to other Miccos). He's rarely the "perp" in instances of inequality that seem to plague many, if not most, relationships, especially after kids. (Guess that means...). He's an anal engineer with concern for international conflicts, an appreciation for all things art and a sharp wit. He knows that, for me, running and dancing are nearly as necessary for keeping on as food and water are. And he claims to PREFER women with bodacious bottoms who gravitate toward nerdy glasses and have a tendency to chop off their hair every three years or so.

Lucky me.

Tell me: who are you grateful for today? (and why?)