Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 284

Tonight, I dressed to hop on the treadmill, but after the boys were tucked into bed and Jon left for a "real" run (outside) with Digs, I said screw it and opened up a bottle of Cab. Why? I anticipated what was about to happen (and what's still going on): Jules, shouting down the stairs for the fan... and then more music (since his CD ran its course). These "requests" I wouldn't hear if I were down in basement with headphones on, turned loud to out-sound the belt. Not good for my ears, I know.

The good news: I did get a few bursts of cardio in, sprinting up and down the stairs. And all of that loud sighing... I think that counts as deep breathing.

Why even try to exercise in the eve when I am a workout-morning kind of person? 1) Because working out in the morning isn't, um, working out and 2) it's a new trick I learned today from my friends on Facebook.

You see, I have come to be quite the crowdsourcer - and a voyeur of sorts. I've become a little obsessed with how other people make their lives work. So I ask. And I learn so much. Oh so much. Today, I posted this: 

Parents of young families in which all members must get out the door in the morning, dressed and fed, and in a (somewhat) timely manner: Please describe (in order) your morning timeline. Go! (And thank you.)

I got lots of responses. Good ones. I learned that I am not alone. Lots of peeps are, like me, running around like nut jobs in the morning while their kids whine, dawdle and watch the ever-annoying Caillou. I also learned that compared to some, I am a sloth. It appears that a good many of my friends are able to get what I might get done in an entire day before I even WAKE UP.

I also gleaned quite a few tips and tricks that I'm going to try in my own life (since laying out clothes and pre-packing lunches is only getting me so far): 
  1. I am going to try (again, on another night) to exercise, and then shower, in the evening.
  2. I am going to wake up early to the smells of my pre-set coffee pot--and my two alarms--and get 100% ready before the kids wake up. This should be easy if I shower the night before as I no longer have any hair.  (If things go well, I will unload the dishwasher and do other easy chores while the house is still sleeping.)
  3. I am going to force myself into bed earlier. This will not be easy.
  4. I am going to switch the boys' vitamin-getting time to morning, when incentives are more valuable. 
  5. Inspired by Lisa P's "Market Place Morning" alarm (when the NPR show starts, it's time to MOVE),  I am going brainstorm novel ways to signal to the boys that it's "time" - time to move on to the next task. Playlist of the boys favorite songs? (Bad Romance, A-Punk...) 
  6. I am going to get on board with Jon's quest to find our perfect home in the South End of town, which is 20 minutes closer, it seems, to EVERYTHING (except some of my favorite people). Any leads? 

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