Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 288

My brain often doesn't work in straight lines. Um, if you know me, I don't need to tell you this.

Sometimes a mind that operates like a pinball machine is awesome (I've been called creative). But sometimes - when you really need to make forward progress, and quickly - a tendency to spin off in all different directions just sucks. That was the case this morning.

I knew I needed to run. But I felt like I didn't have time. So I sat and I forced and ... nothing. And then I called it: If I didn't run, I'd be parked in this same seat, surrounded by all of this same sh*t, with a mostly blank screen come 4:50 when I need to go get the boys.

Here, seat + sh*t: 

So I grabbed Digs and we jogged down to the bridge and back. Four miles later, my brain is thinking like this: 

Now, to work...

PS: Why waste time blog-documenting this? Proof that I can't afford NOT to run the next time I come to a creative crossroads like this. 

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