Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 188

Today, I was a little cranky and on edge. Why, who knows... but when I sat down to write about what I've been doing for the last eight days, the gratitude came easily. In the last week, I've connected with so many loved ones (and I use that term quite literally) I hadn't seen in a long time. A very long time in some cases. And it was AWESOME. Here are the highlights. (And they're not in order.)

That's John. In the late 1990s/early 2000s, he was the Robert Benchley to my Dorothy Parker. We may or may not have been quite as witty as the original Park Bench but we did work in magazines and we did sip martinis in the Algonquin's Oak Room. Now John and his awesome partner Jason run a wildly successful design firm called madcapcottage. Here with John is Jasper. He of the one blue and one brown eye is supposedly a nipper of strangers but he did not bite me. I think he liked me a lot, actually.
This is my cousin Corinne, who came to visit from Vail last week with her guy Skipper. When my Aunt Steph was pregnant with Corinne, I told her (my aunt) that if the baby was not a girl, I wanted to "send it back." I was nearly eight at the time. It was the beginning of my bitchy years. Which lasted awhile. Corinne, on the other hand, was never a bitch. She exudes warmth and chases fun. Always. 
These are the freshly mani-ed hands of the some of the greatest ladies I know. They came with Jon.  Seriously... I married a man who, as a kid barely older than Jules, knew how to pick truly amazing lifelong friends... these friends, in turn,  excelled at choosing truly amazing lifelong partners. Once a year, we ladies hang out while our great men watch the kids at home. #luckygirls
This is a photo I snapped at the MoMA. In the best city. Ever.
This is my girl Jenny. We should see each other lots given our relative proximity but lately syncing our schedules has been tricky. Last week, I went to help her baby proof for Kid #1 before Kid #2 joined the fam. We ended up leaving the cabinet latches for Scotty to install and sat on the couch laughing. (Some help I am.) Two days later, Baby Julia was born. Yay!
Me with HT, my PFL. Whenever we get together, it seems, we shoot another Twolander (Zoolander x 2) shot. At least we're no longer dressing as Charlie's Angels. On not-Halloween. 

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