Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 190

This update is short and sweet. Today was stressful and I did not step up. I snapped, I whined, I worried. As witnessed by a small circle, I shed a tear. Or ... more than two.  I did not carry on, keeping calm. I crumbled.  

And I HATE that.

All I can hope that is that no one noticed my bad form much as it seemed they must have - and try hard to do better tomorrow. 

In the meantime, tell me: How do you face stressful situations with grace? 

My travel cup is tough. Me, not so much.  


  1. Often, I don't. Face stressful situations with grace, that is. Sending you wishes for sound sleep and a better day tomorrow. xox

  2. I try and stand near my friend Grace--a real person--while I lose my shit.

    1. That's brilliant! (and I love that name)

  3. I try really hard to do a version of something Judy came up with to say instead of automatically saying no, "That's interesting, let me think about it."If I'm able to create space of some sort I can remain calm. Usually it involves trying not to engage too fully. If I can't, I cry. Either way, Andrew is required to meet me at the door with a glass of wine when the day is over.