Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 180

So today I got a note from HT saying (and, here, I paraphrase) "there's still time! last chance." What she meant: I still had time to decide to detour through NYC "on my way" to Hartford this weekend, to catch the Cindy Sherman exhibit at the MoMA before it closes on Monday. 

I love Cindy Sherman.

More good timing: I got my watch back today. It was broken for months and being repaired for weeks.
PS: This is not my watch. It is Jon's. But it was next to me and made for a good photo, I thought.

I've not been to the MoMA since it was remodeled, years ago now. This seems crazy to me.

I don't work in the office on Fridays.

All of my boys have big plans of their own while I'm away for girls' weekend in Hartford. 

Earlier this weekend, I learned that my very pregnant friend whose toddler son I might get to watch while she's having baby #2 (yay!) will be induced on Wednesday if the little one doesn't decide to come in the next day or two.

(In other words, I have no little boys to take care of this Friday.)

Yesterday, I also learned that one of "my girls" needs to be back in Boston by noon on Sunday. I know, too,  that there's a Megabus from Boston to Burlington.

The timing of HT's message was just right.

I checked the Megabus schedule. Perfect.
I checked the Jetblue schedule. Great option. I had JUST enough points for a free one-way to the city. Jackpot!!!

Upshot:  I'm getting myself from Burlington to Hartford and back by way of New York and Boston for $31.50. Plus: I'm getting one-on-one car time with two friends, Cindy,  a day in the city  (NYC pals: Ping me if you want to have a coffee!)  and an evening with HT and her fam. I'm not even going to bother calculating how much money I'll be saving on gas by not driving. I trust it's a lot. Jon accused me of concocting this situation to avoid driving on highways. Whatever. He was smiling. And psyched about my good fortune. 

The moral of the story: Life is all about timing - and you gotta seize the moment. Right?

Or not? Perhaps life is not at all about timing but rather about what you make of any given situation (case in point: we had an awesome night camping in the rain with the boys and our friends this weekend). 

Probably, though, it's a combo of the two: Timing + perspective. Hmm... what do you think? 


  1. Love your restructured plan! It is amazing when things work out like that. Did you like the show?? I love CS too and saw it when we were there in May.

  2. I loved the show! She's amazing...has soich to say...and I love how her work has evolved with technology...saw a few other exhibits that really moved me. We will have to discuss over drinks soon! Xo