Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day 197

Today, I am grateful for...

  • An extra hour with Jules in the a.m.
  • Soccer coaches who recognize the extreme importance of hydration on a 90-degree day.
  • Awesome colleagues who make putting out a fire-drill proposal feel like an invigorating, fun challenge.
  • A husband who happily embraces expanding guest lists with little (or, um, no) notice.
  • Little boys who still love to snuggle.
  • Unexpected texts from a favorite college friend.
  • A sister who's back stateside.
  • That my mom recognizes it usually takes 3 days to connect by phone--and takes no offense.
  • Friends who accept impromptu dinner invites, arrive with Fiddlehead IPA, embrace cold pizza and interrupted conversations ... then leave behind artful little notes on napkins reminding me of all of the important points on which I need to follow up. #superlucky 

I agree: It's a good song

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