Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 6

Today, we visited Santa--or as Julian calls him, "that Christmas guy." At first, the fact that the concept of Santa was fuzzy for Jules made me happy, like I've done an OK job of not making Christmas too commercial. Then I realized that, while my mom (an elf, like, for real) sat us down and repeatedly told us Christmas stories--those involving both St. Nick and the nativity, Jon and I have only mentioned Santa in passing (and Baby Jesus... well, that's a post for another day).

"That Christmas Guy" with Kai. Jules declined.

So, to Jules, the Christmas season means chopping down a tree, getting psyched to see far-away family (least I'm doing something right!), snow (see Day 4), and "that Christmas guy or maybe the Easter Bunny or Champ or Mickey Mouse will bring me mangoes and gummies." I have to get my act together. 

Today's gratitude target: Kathie Mic, creator of handmade Advent calendars, etc. for--among other things--making sure my kids don't grow up thinking that a Lake Monster delivers mangoes to kids' homes when it snows. 

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