Sunday, December 18, 2011

Days 11 - 14

A weekend that didn't involve an ounce of work (amazing) and ended with a movie (via Apple TV, b/c we canned cable last week to save some dough): Friends With Benefits.

My take-aways from the movie:
1. Several crass catch-phrases that I'm sure I'll probably be using from now on.
2. I miss NYC. A lot. (Could moving to downtown Burlington, from our current super-suburban location--which, for sure, has its benefits--help? I think yes. Browsing real estate...)
3. I want to be in a flash mob. Stat.
4. Mila Kunis and JT certainly are hot but Woody Harrelson rules.
5. If my sis doesn't burn me the Foster the People CD ASAP, I'm buying it.

That's all. Good night.

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