Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 9

Allow me to write the book of what not to say to young, inquiring minds.

Conversation that occurred while I was strapping the boys into the car this morning:
Jules (who's been around lots of pregnant ladies recently): "How do babies pop out?"
Me: "Well, sometimes they come out of your belly. Like, when you were born, the doctor cut my tummy and then sewed it back up."
Jules looks horrified.

Me: "It didn't hurt though." (Well, no, because I was numb. And, um, high.)
Jules looks confused.

Me: "Sometimes they come out like poop...." (Whaaaaaaa? Where am I going with this?)
Jules smiles a la "surely you're shitting me, Mom."
Me: "...But through ladies' vaginas."
Jules: Oh. (As if everything suddenly makes sense.)


This conversation took me back to the day when, visiting my grandparents at the cemetery, I told a two-year-old Jules that the markers showed where there were "people under the ground."

I would be grateful for your facts-of-life book recommendations.

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