Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 67 - 69

A few things I learned this weekend:

1. Jon and I love making valentines at LEAST as much as Jules does. While poor Kai was napping on Saturday, Jon and I took care of Kai's whole classroom while Jules glittered his own glam cards. I hope we don't end like up these crazy helicopter parents who CALL THEIR ADULT KIDS' BOSSES. Seriously, people? How can you even pretend that might be ok?

2. It's good to get outside for a run with a friend, even if it's 20 degrees. 

3. It's good to get outside for a bit, even if it's 9 degrees.

4. Don't get the Greek pizza at Papa Frank's. Stick with the meatballs.

5. (But) I still aspire to be a vegan. Or at least a little more veganish. (I have a bunch of well-loved vegan cookbooks actually and I'm psyched to start cooking from this website Vegan Yum Yum, recommended by my friend Shannon who is vegan).

6. Like running, reading quiets my ruminating.  

7. Jon is a HUGE Downtown Abbey fan. Who knew?

Update: Thanks to a close-reading friend, I'm aware of the error in #7. ("You're an editor, Nicci! How did this happen?" Well, I have a theory.) But it's sort of funny--and really funny when you read Cairn's comment (below)--so I'm leaving it. Enjoy! 

What did you learn this weekend? 

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