Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 60 - 65

60: Pizza, wine, cool women AND pizza, cupcakes, drums + crazy kids.

61: More pizza, more cupcakes + a bouncy castle. Happy #4 Ava! "Family" dinner with Ri, Chris and crew. (Miss them next door... know anyone cool looking to buy a place in the Burlington's NNE? Give me a shout!)

62: Swimming, snoozing, Super Bowling. Go GIANTS! 
"Go, GIANTS!" (again and again) - Kai Guy

63: Back to work! (Loving my new job...)

64: Writing, writing, writing. Cooking, cooking... quick run. Dancing Elmo. A Purple Honker (definitely the most skilled dancer of the bunch.) Ernie. Bert--who was dressed as a scuba diver in one scene, which prompted Jules to ask on the ride home:

"Why was Bert a sea swimmer?"

A sea swimmer? Ah... a scuba diver. But doesn't "sea swimmer" make perfect sense? And doesn't it sound just so perfectly... British? I love these little JuJu Bean phrases. And I know they won't be around forever: Jules will learn the "right" words and he'll use them instead. Julian's "last day" will fade into "yesterday"...  sigh. Or maybe, just maybe, he'll just keep calling things like he sees them...  my little poet. 

65: A friend suggested I connect with the woman who writes this AWESOME blog.

And this will be a long day. In part because I am writing this blog instead of the copy that is due first thing tomorrow a.m. But that's OK. I like to write at night. 

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