Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 177

Tonight when Demps called for me to let him in, I stepped out instead. The sky was a deep blue, with a few sparkly speckles, a stunning backdrop to layers of tree-shapes that looked, to me, like cardstock cut-outs. The air was warm. But also a little cool. 

It occurred to me that there are a lot of nice nights like this that I miss entirely because I'm inside cursing the mess: the loads of dirty laundry and dishes to do, the plastic animals and tiny men strewn across the floors, the wet towels... and when I'm done cursing, and picking up, I move on to packing up - all the stuff that needs to leave with us tomorrow - or sometimes I skip that step and just sit around obsessing about it. And all the while that I'm doing that there is that navy night sky and that delicious warm-cool air. What a waste. 

Also while I was outside. I took this picture...

... which got me thinking, "doesn't everything look absolutely different when you change your perspective?" Look at all of that life in that window. That awesome amazing plant window that Jon and I picked out as a special splurge when we remodeled our kitchen 6 years ago. 

Today, I am grateful for the epiphany that sometimes it just takes stepping through a sliding glass door to change your whole outlook. And tomorrow, I will switch up my standard routines. 

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