Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Day 243

I got a handful of compliments on this dress today: 

Here are its secrets:
I bought it for $7 on the sale rack at TJ Maxx. When I was 7 months pregnant. And then proceeded to wear it at least twice a week during weeks 36 to 40 of my pregnancy. At the time, my big belly filled out the drop waist, the fabric of which now drapes nicely the way it was intended to hang. The top is a little too big. Unless I wear the dress backwards. Then, it's just right. #reinventyourcloset #lovewhatyouhave

And... today, I am grateful for my date with Mike B. and Kristen, and also the fine folks who took the stage at the Anecdote Storytelling event tonight (so many cool and creative peeps in Burlington!), to Jon for making sure I could get there and for the two little boys who gave me giant hugs on my way out. 

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