Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 258

I have two nieces and two nephews (courtesy of Jon's sisters). They're awesome - and it makes me so happy to see the great relationships that my boys are developing with their Olin cousins. But all of those warm fuzzy feelings are rooted in the present... well, some, I guess, are prospective (I think of all of the fun times ahead for this next generation). Still, there's no mixed-in nostalgia, no mind-blowing memory-flooding of "holy shit... remember when 'they' were us, when we were those kids, hiding and chasing and role-playing and pinching and lobbying for 'the biggest cupcake'? "

But I totally get those powerful full-circle feelings when I'm with Mark and Jen, Vinny and Gianna... Mark is my "god-brother" (the son of my godparents "Aunt" Judy and "Uncle" Davy), my unofficial third sibling. No doubt, our kids - Mark and Jen's and mine and Jon's - Vinny (5, tomorrow), Jules (4), Gianna (3), and Kai (2) are "cousins." 

An today, it was utterly fantastic watch the four of them playing and hanging for hours and hours... like family.

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