Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 264

Today felt like fall. Which was just fine with me. While I must admit that I'm not looking forward to freezing my ass off here in Burlington, I do love breezy warm days when the sky is that unbelievable shade of blue (you know the one) and the clouds are just crazy. I dig sweaters and boots. I crave the fresh starts that so many "semesters" of school years have trained us to seek out right around Labor Day. (I felt this way last year too, see? By the way, that aesthetically awesome planner didn't work for me. I'm back to my much uglier Franklin Covey system. And, yes, I still use paper.) 

My new self-improvement initiatives for fall of 2012:

1. A regular running routine (that includes a 10K in Burlington on 9/23). I'm going try out this training schedule (likely, I'll try to merge the beginner and intermediate ones - and then skip some of the runs and ignore all of the cross-training prescriptions). 

2. Dance, dance, dancing. Tuesday night cabaret classes with Lois. Bonus: I have friends in the class (Emma, Kristen... others?).

3. This super-cool (and free!) Gamification class through Coursera. I'm a little nervous about the time commitment (there are quizzes, assignments and all the things you'd normally associate with a college course) - but it's related to my work... and it's cool and it's free. And given that I'm a huge nerd who would prefer to attend (interesting) lectures all day, I'm pretty sure that I'm going to dig the experience. And if I don't... well I'm losing... nothing. 

4. Better meal planning... with more fish and vegan dishes. 

5. More laughing. (And more cowbell.) 

That's all. I've already set more goals that I can accomplish. Gotta feed that chronic case of guilt somehow, I guess. 

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