Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 265

Since I just spent the last hour sitting here watching video lectures about "gamification" and I want to read my book and I need to clean the kitchen and I guess, physiologically, I do require sleep (blah for that), I will limit my entries to captions. (I'm finding more and more that I'm NEEDING to blog to process my day to keep the "right" perspective.)

Anyway, what I must remember from today, in photos:

Photo #1: Two boys in a tub, "brushing" their teeth (plus my feet)
Important takeaways: Look at how cute they are. Remember this the two times tomorrow and the next day and the next when I am engaged in the teeth-brushing battles that drive me to drink. (I'm sort of serious.) 
Note: They're in the tub with their toothbrushes because this was my attempt tonight to make tooth-brushing more fun. Perhaps an indirect influence of all this talk about using fun and games to drive behavior change. 

Photo #2: Me, at work, listening to Pandora, wearing giant headphones
Important takeways: I am about 500% more productive with a soundtrack. Instagram filters are the best cure for bad skin. 

Photo #3: Lake Champlain, early morn
Important takeaways: I live in an absolutely breath-takingly beautiful place (even if I didn't really capture that at all in this sucky picture). Running first thing in the a.m. does wonders for my day. 

Photo #4: Sprinkles, with ice cream (Kai's)
Important takeaways: Seize the day. Summer's fading to fall, so get creemees while you can. And beware the crazy sprinkle lady. 

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