Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 256

This girl... (the one on the right)

...Welcomed me with open arms to Hullings Hall in August of '94. She dyed my hair burgundy (you know, the trendy mid-90s hue). Repeatedly. In the closet (with the utility sink) across the hall from her room. She kept me company during many pizza and NIN-fueled all-night study sessions in the basement lounge. She always told me what I needed to hear, whether it was "you are awesome... truly" or "you are acting like a total asshole." And one can't forget how she scooted over and offered me half of her loft bed that time Brett gifted me a large family of crickets.

This married just a month before me. And attending her wedding was so important to me that I hopped a plane from Toronto to Cleveland, leaving Olin with the extended fam he'd not yet met and our rambunctious 10-month old Demps, who, as the story goes, stole an unsuspecting man's steak. Right off his plate. And then jumped into Aunt Cora's swimming pool for a post-dinner dip.

This the fantastic mom to two terrific boys...whom I met today. Finally. It was awesome.

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