Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 250

Here's what I haven't been doing: sleeping enough, exercising (at all save for one 4-mile walk/run last Friday), resisting too much wine and chocolate. 

Here's what I have been doing: bursting into tears over stupid things, getting snippy with Jon and co-workers who, like me, are just trying to make do in stressful situations. (Re: co-workers, you know who you are and I said it before but I'll say it again: I'm sorry. And, seriously, I was only deep breathing to clear my head, not exasperatedly sighing at you. Pinky swear.) 

Here's the bottom line: Life is short (see below). I so know this. I mean, look at the dark circles and wrinkles around my eyes. I'm not so young any more. I also know that it's my job to figure out how to put a cap on the chaos, to find the fun, to learn when and how to say no (I am infinitely - yes, infinitely - grateful to those of you who helped on that front today) and when to say yes... (e.g., to dance-party requests from the boys, to signing up for this Cabaret Jazz class with Lois after a five-year hiatus)! 

To that effect - making the most of this life - there's a lot of great advice on the poster behind me in the photo below. And while we're on the topic of life mottos and manifestos: 1) my friend at work and I are working on an awesome one ourselves 2) I am so in love with this print. 

But, tell me: How do you do it? How do you make the most of your every day?

If you've been to my house, you know that this overly dramatic self-portrait
was taken in my bathroom (lame cliche, yes). I snapped it while Jules was singing
equally dramatic songs in an empty (already drained) tub. He appreciated the extra minutes. 


  1. Struggling w/ that lately too- we are in the middle of moving from our condo to a house, and we are currently couch surfing w/ 2 2 year olds. Not fun. Commutes suck, daily grind seems more grind-y than usual. Totally feel like I'm going through the motions. I think, though, that these things are cyclical. I know that in a few weeks things will have smoothed out and try to keep that idea in my thoughts to smooth out the current bumpy spots too. And if all else fails I plan a little get away. We will be camping with the boys up in your neck of the woods (har har) this weekend! P.S. I love your earrings in that shot!

    1. Oh my goodness! that sounds crazy (but take lots of pictures b/c I bet when you look back on it you'll see it as having been fun!) Where are you camping? And thanks on the earrings: I bought them years ago at a (now-closed) thrift store that sold new stuff by local artists... i wear them lots!

    2. We're staying in Smuggler's Notch campground. Funny you should mention the camera, exactly what I did today- take lots of pictures! :)

  2. Somedays I see myself as a machine. How can I get through this day totally living with purpose and how can I be more effective, efficient and beastly from start to finish.

    Somedays I see myself as a man on the run. Trying to outrace time yet trying to slow time to the point that I can reach into the past effortlessly while kissing the future.

    Somedays I see it all as futility. Those are the days that I think we are all doomed and we had better buy more jugs of water, backpacks and silver coins. Those are the days I think I challenge my lovely wife.

    And the other days, I oscillate between joyful and sad. Those are the days where I am infinitely happy wrestling with my son on the floor before bed. Happy tears mix with sad ones because the moment is beautiful... and there will never be another moment like that one.

    1. David - great to hear from you on here. And this is beautiful poetry. (Plus, I relate to it very much.)

    2. I'd be honored to weigh in here as often as I can. Very awesome blogsite! Definitely a year of becoming for a lot of us mid-30-somethings.