Friday, April 27, 2012

Day 142

Reason #947 Julian rocks my world:
This morning, Jules jumped up from the breakfast table and ran upstairs. When I shouted up to ask what he was  doing, he responded: "I'm getting dressed. I'm picking out my beauuuutiful shirt."

He asked me to come up to his room. I grabbed Kai and climbed the stairs. Yes, Julian needed help. But not getting dressed. Poor guy couldn't decide which of the five "Sunny Days" Ts he wanted to wear. Mostly because the sixth one - the one he really wanted to wear - was in the wash. He asked me to present his available, laundered Sunny Days shirts one by one. After considering the options for a moment - he actually tapped his finger to his lip and said "hmm" - he made his selection: "the one with Bert and Ernie." His choice exuded confidence, like a magazine fashion director. Then, he ordered me and Kai back downstairs.

A few moments later, Julian appeared, sporting his special shirt tucked into his silky (polyester) Adidas pants. Which were on backwards.  He was beaming proudly, a big kid. Beauuuuutiful.
The winning shirt. The underpants.
Jules has a full "Sunny Days" wardrobe, thanks to
Grandma Kathie and Aunt Kate

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