Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 140

I've been in a surly mood for the last couple of days. I suspect it's because I'm spread a little thin and shadowing behind my own expectations of who I should be: a laid-back (HA!) witty, calm woman who excels at work and at home, who doesn't lose patience with a curious kid, who writes thank you notes on time, who returns wine glasses and casserole dishes and always remembers a birthday. Falling short, I am.

Last night, while working and a tiny bit miserable about it (I'd wanted to watch a movie... or simply go to sleep), I asked my Facebook friends to tell me how to bust out of a bad mood. Immediately dozens of great suggestions came pouring in.  They ranged from porn to Stevie Wonder; yoga to - my favorite - this incredibly entertaining video (thank you, Shana!)  Instantly, I was happier. (Less productive but happier.) Ah, the power of social support. 

Tonight, I did watch a movie (Young Adult, with Charlize Theron- excellent film, I thought) but, again, am settling into some work. Grrrr... I want to go to bed but I know I'll be even more annoyed if I don't plow through. So... I'm relying on a few little things to boost my mood. Right now, they are

1. Red wine
2. Poppy-painted nails
3. Remembering that abundance is a good problem to have
4. Replaying this one-of-a-kind request, made by Jules at 9:14 or so, when he called me up for a final back pat (and a restart of his Elizabeth Mitchell CD): "Mom, can you please make my Cheerios soggy right now while I sleep? While the moon shines and there are stars? Can you?"

Why, yes. Yes, I can. 

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