Sunday, April 29, 2012

Day 145

Every once in awhile Jon and I start talking about how maybe we should move out of Vermont - it's far from our families... the winters are brutal (though not this year!)... the salaries and cost of living seem a little out of sync... 

Then, we have a day like this: 

... And we start counting all of the reasons (beyond Shelburne Farms) that we love this place: bright blue skies, expanses of green, trickling brooks, amazing friends, the Spielpalast Cabaret (and all of talented artists in town), forward-thinking business people, dog-friendly businesses, Church Street, the farmer's market, the Intervale, the Art Hop, the Lake, the mountains... So many things we've yet to discover, people we've yet to meet.

It's really hard to imagine ever leaving.

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