Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 125 - 134

I was away on the most amazing trip last week, with my boys, visiting old friends and all of Jon's family. I am overwhelmed with the awesomeness of the trip (Scranton, PA > Charlotte, NC > Calabash, NC > Somers, NY > NYC) and so, on this late-night of getting back to my blog, I'm not going to write about my epic adventure at all. (Recap to come.) Tonight, I'm simply going to share what greeted me at the office this morning, my first day back.

At my desk was a package, with my name on it.. and this label:

Receiving a box of booze at your office is amusing itself. But I also got a kick out of the line,"Do not deliver to an intoxicated person." Alcoholism is no laughing matter but all I could picture was someone desperately needing more sauce and, rather than hitting up the local bar or liquor store, deciding instead to wait patiently, despite being bombed, for Big Brown to drop-off this next round of drinks.

PS: I am not only overwhelmed by the awesomeness of my trip. I am overwhelmed by the return to real life: the piles of work, the loads of laundry, the random shoes and books and magazines and half-empty suitcases and toys and pet hair strewn all about the house, the birthday party to plan, the thank you cards to write... but amid it all I am grateful for all of the things in the day - like this package - that make me laugh.

What cracks you up?

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