Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 115 - 117

Since I wrote this post Jon and I have taken to asking ourselves (or each other), "WWUBD?" whenever we've been needing motivation to seize the day. As a result, this past weekend was filled with activity upon activity: we connected with lots of different friends, some we haven't seen in months. We  logged miles on the bike path, hunted eggs, played baseball and unearthed wormies with Jules. We (Jon) saw a horrible 3D movie and (I) lounged with the ladies and Mark West. We took the boys to a great bar coffeehouse to hear sweet music at brunch. We hiked with the dogs. We had family dinner at Ri and Chris's capped off with ice cream sundaes. The entire weekend was awesome.

Now Sunday-night anxiety has set in. This pic - snapped this afternoon during our walk in the woods- sort of sums up how I'm feeling:

It also reminds me of the fantabulous Annie Lamott...  bird by bird, baby. One thing at a time. So... let's get this party started. 

How do you deal with Sunday-night blues?

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