Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 212

I should be in bed, willing myself to rest, but instead, I sit here ripping out articles and recipes and notes on interesting apps, from set-aside issues dated June and July - even one Vermont Life from last summer. It was stuffed into my marathon goodie bag and reminded me that Dottie P. and the rest of her Algonquin Roundtable spent raucous summer weekends in Vermont - Neshobe Island on Lake Bomoseen to be exact. Now I want to visit. My body is heavy, my brain a fog but I have that ill-feeling focus that compulses me to stay awake, to work through these magazines, read the New Yorker piece on spoiled kids, maybe check Facebook or browse Zillow just 30 more times. Even though I know the best thing to do would be to brush my teeth and go to sleep. #myownworstenemy

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