Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 224

This box was sitting on our doorstep when I got home. 

The label read as follows:

Apparently, Jon made some sort of football bet with his friend Derrick. Derrick apparently lost and had to send us some pizzas. Derrick... the guy who, when I Jon and I met 13 years ago, listened to Jon's stories of our "dates" and informed him that I indeed would become Jon's actual girlfriend. That perhaps I was even "the one." Derrick told him all of this before he met me. And, actually, I never spent all that much time with Derrick. 

But I  love Derrick -- Derrick, the structural engineer whose undergrad degree is in English. Derrick, who went on to receive his MBA (I think). He's got a case of the "liberal arts" as much as I do and a has this witty way that always makes me smile. (I love that all family gifts come to the "Micco Household," despite the fact that I'm the only Micco here.)

Though Jon keeps in touch with Derrick regularly, I've seen him only twice and talked only about more 3 times in the last decade. So. Can he still be one of my favorite people? One could argue that he is, after all, partly responsible for prompting the establishment of the "Micco Household." 

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  1. You are so lucky in so many ways. I've been thinking about Chicago pizza recently and thinking about ordering some.