Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 215

"Picture perfect" - it's a saying for a reason. That is, life isn't so neat. Even when it's pretty damn perfect.

Tonight, I sit here feeling sorry for myself that both boys insisted that Daddy do the book-reading and back-patting. Feeling dejected and rejected, I headed downstairs and mindlessly started fiddling with my phone. To find the photos I snapped over the weekend. To be reminded that we had a most amazing couple of days: fresh healthy meals on the picnic table followed by ice cream at Burlington Bay, gorgeous walks through forests and fields, skirt steak and Mojitos (tomorrow, we eat clean) at Chris and Ri's. 

And that was just our time as a four-top fam. I also got in some great girl time... including a ladies' night/kiddo sleepover at Ri's. And how quickly I'd forgotten that all of Friday night, my boys snugged me into a 2'-wide edge of a king-sized bed. 

Ok, whatever - the little dudes love me. And I am incredibly lucky.


  1. That last picture takes my breath away! And I love "four-top fam." I'm so borrowing that one! xox

    1. :-) Have you been on the trails at Shelburne Farms? They are, indeed, breathtaking.

  2. Your family and your boys are beautiful Nicci and so are you. It is clear they are so happy, full of life and love and no doubt you are their ever-present, rock-solid Mom. I am thrilled for you that you have turned this blog into something we can all learn from. It really is refreshing to know that someone is trying to capture the moments one by one, big and small. It's all of those details in life that make each and every day so distinctly different from the one before, and keep life interesting. Thank you for taking the time (i know it's hard) and for sharing!