Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 229

Things that made today fantastic: 

1. An awesome and inspiring lunch with my friend Jed.  (Check out his mod pet furniture design studio.) He has an exciting new business in the works and it was so fun to hear about its evolution and to talk about five-year plans and making things happen.  

3. Meeting week-old Baby Lane. He's got his big bro's sweet face. Love!

4. Two little boys who were incredibly excited to cheer on their dad and "Michael"/"Mike Balzano" (what Kai and Julian call him, respectively) at their softball game. Jules was practicing his chant in the car on the way to the game: "Go baseball, football, Daddy!" When I revealed that there is no football in baseball, he switched the cheer to "go, Daddy, go." 

It's a very down-to-earth team: The players chill with their fans.

4. A serendipitous run-in with Jen, Caleb and baby Julia at New World Tortilla. (PS: My vegan rice and beans wrap could have fed our entire family.)

5. Fresh, frozen yogurt (topped with mango chunks) at the new SoYo shop on Pine Street. (I find their branding to be a bit confusing. In case you were wondering - I was, at first - it's not soy yogurt... it's straight-up dairy. But it is good. Very good.) 

6. I bought two new bras. And they fit. TMI, yes. But this major accomplishment had to make the list.

7. This awesomely hilarious HuffPo piece on TomKat by Deb Baer. 

What made your today great? 

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  1. Ha about SoYo! Had the same confusion myself. It's SO delicious, SO creamy, SO yogurt. To me, it just has nice goaty undertones.