Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 234

I've often heard people say that the best thing about growing older is gaining wisdom. Or self-confidence. A greater ability to home in on what's truly important. I'm not sure I'm any more self-assured than I was, say, 10 years ago (I'm still 100% comfortable in some areas and a second-guessing mess in others) but, yes, I do know more now. Mostly what I know now - and not then - is that I should let go of most things. Chill out. Embrace experiences. Be grateful.

What I think is one of the best things about growing up - at this stage of my life, at least - is having the opportunity to get to know, and love, the little people that some of my favorite people have brought into this world. At first it seems strange that these charming children, whom I see but two or three or four times a year, are so quick to give me a hug (or so easily entertain me with a late-night Gotye cover concert) - and that my boys are equally familiar with their parents, my friends. Then it all makes sense. I know that impish grin and (burgeoning) quick wit. And I so get the plucky spirit that sparkles in those navy-blue eyes.

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