Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 217

Today, I chopped my hair - the longest it's been in years - into a pixie. Well, technically Hannah (at Salon Cruz) did. And I think she did an amazing job matching the pic I brought in

Do I like it? Yes, I sure do. Do I look better with short hair? Maybe. Maybe not. (Did I shoot the Before picture below, unsmiling in the bathroom at the salon and the After smiling at home in natural light outside on the deck. You betcha. Why? Well either it's because I realized I hadn't taken a before pic and felt too self conscious to do it in public or ... it's because I was magazine editor for so long that I know the after shots need to look much better and happier than the before shots - and so I subconsciously "styled" them accordingly). 

What I do know is that I needed a big change. And my life right now offers only so many opportunities for big changes. So it was either knocking out the kitchen wall to create the open floor plan that I so desire or this. And given that that wall is holding up our house, according to Jon, the structural engineer, lopping off my locks was the safest option. 

No regrets here. 

And After... 


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    1. Thank you! We did a semi-perm #4 again... and that, my friend, I'm turning over to you, yes? Pay for your services in wine and little boys' clothing? (I'll sign a release...) xo

  2. I love it!! You look fabulous. xo