Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 34

I vow to run but the treadmills at the Y were all full. I settled for the last empty elliptical. 
Half full: I worked out

I imagined 1.5 hours of hardcore sweaty, giggling energy burn at Family Gym. Jules spent most of the time working the water fountain. Some pint-sized punk walked up to Kai and kept pushed him hard (totally unprompted) just before running off to steal a little girl's juice box. After that, Kai clung to my leg.
Half full: The boys did run and jump and roll...

 Quarter-full, dammit. They're taunting me.

I was looking forward to returning the Diego video we've watched a gazillion times in two weeks (we renewed). We forgot the library bag at home.
Half full: Kai had a blow-out, and the library has a bathroom; we ran into Ken and Stacy in the childrens' reading room

I was convinced the Steelers would win after an impressive comeback. They lost about 2 seconds into OT. (Note: I'm not a hardcore football fan so, really, I was mostly bummed thinking about how sad Mike Tomlin and the team, not to mention the hundreds of my friends who bleed black and yellow, must feel.)
Half full: Those Bronco guys must be super psyched. 

Full: Jon made some kick-ass lasagna (plus one to freeze for our friends who just had a baby).
Full: We went on a slippery family "night walk," well-lit by a full - or fullish - moon. 

Better than I thought... 

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