Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 36

I'm a morning person. I truly believe that, as the Green Mountain Coffee ad below puts it, "every morning is a fresh start." And if you read yesterday's post, you'll know that, today, I needed a fresh start. (Note to those of you - Olin, I'm looking at you - who think I'm a monster for calling my three year old an @sshole: I didn't call him an @sshole, I implied that he was acting like one.)

A+ marketing campaign Green Mountain Coffee. 

Well, as things go, Day 36 didn't start out well. Specifically, my day began with Julian taking his place at the breakfast table and screaming in my direction, like a little dictator, "I. AM. HUNGRY. AND I WANT MY BAGEL NOOOOOW." His face was flushed. He punctuated his demand by pounding the table with both fists. It was so insane that I simultaneously 1) wanted to laugh because it was so over-the-top and 2) worried that he was having some sort of emotional breakdown for which I should be seeking him professional help. I reminded him - calmly - that speaking like that was unacceptable and then told him that I was working on getting him his breakfast but first I was going to make Kai, who was waiting patiently, his waffle. Jules threw a fit. When I presented his bagel, spread generously with cream cheese, he threw another fit, shouting "NOT ENOUGH CREAM CHEESE" over and over. I mostly ignored this outburst. 

Then the tide turned. Julian ate this bagel. And then he politely requested another half. He thanked me. It was like the craziness had never happened. It was as if Julian had forced himself to make a fresh start. 

Jules was sweet and helpful when I picked him up a school. He had a great day, his teachers told me. He gobbled up his dinner (which contained peppers and onions - which usually provoke a protest). And then this happened: 

Kai was tugging on Demps and I corrected him, saying that it hurt Dempsey. "Owie." Jules took Kai by the hand and walked him into the next room. (I watched through the doorway.) He pointed to the floor and said, "Kai. Sit down. Sit down right there." (It cracked me up to see Kai obey him immediately.) "Kai," Jules said. "We don't pull people. It hurts." (I love that Demps is a person.) "You can get up now." Kai just stared up him. Jules repeated in a kind brotherly tone, "You can stand up now." Then he helped him up and and walked him back into the kitchen.

PS: Day 36 also rocked because...  I ran 2 miles, made dinner in the slow cooker, scored 4 shirts at Banana Republic for $30, TOTAL, and used gift cards to pay. Got great work done at New Moon with Ri. Ran into two of my favorite profs from UVM.  Visited with Penelope and amazing little Amelia, who snuggled on my shoulder for nearly an hour. I'll expect an equally wonderful Day 63. 

PPS: I think that Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' brilliant campaign (see above) is a sign that I should take the plunge and buy the Keurig I've been contemplating. Your thoughts?


  1. Dan can get like Jules did with his bagel if he's hungry then he settles down after he's had some food. So I always carry snacks for him (I know Jules had just gotten up...) Am I ready to have a kid or what?!?

    1. You are SO ready to have a kid. Just throw in some wipes and you're all set. But this is our prevailing theory. Jon gets super cranky without food - and I do too (not QUITE as bad).