Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 54 - 56

Julian told me that he loved his friend Molly.
 I asked if she was his girlfriend.
Jules: "Yes, I want to marry her. No! No! I want to marry Anna." (Molly, for her part, said she loved Jules but wanted to marry her favorite boyfriend Cameron. Molly is 4.)
Me: "You can't marry Anna. She's your cousin."

This must have been confusing because I'm sure that I've mentioned that he can marry whomever he wants. I forgot about family...

Jules: "Why I can't marry my cousin?"
Me: "Well... because you don't need to, because she's already your family. So you don't need to marry her."
Now. That's a pretty brilliant response, don't you think? At least a marked improvement over my "how do babies get out" comeback.

PS: Molly's mom (my friend Amy) navigated while  I - quite calmly - drove in Boston. OK, sort of in Boston. I drove from Sudbury to the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), where I discovered that I want to learn much more about Issac Julien (and not just because his name juxtaposes two of my favorites) and Swoon (gotta love anyone whose middle name is "Dance." No seriously, it is. That's her middle name).


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