Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 51

I love my alma mater, Allegheny College, more and more every day. There, I learned that it's absolutely acceptable to meld your loves into a focus/a comp/a career. That if you feel like improv dancing with your  choreographer friend to the beat of the cool swimmer-guys you met freshman year in bio lab and you think it'd be fun to have an audience, all you need to do is sign out a space. Want to work in a coffeehouse? Help get one started in the campus center. It's all very Harold and The Purple Crayon now that I think about it. Imagine it, create it, do it. Meet amazing people along the way.

This wasn't the experience I signed on for. I was pre-med. Gonna be an optometrist. But Allegheny was absolutely the college experience I was meant to have. How I stumbled upon the right place for the wrong reasons I'm not sure... but, well, lucky me.  

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