Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 50

Day 50 seems significant... so I'm taking this opportunity to check in on my 36th year goals. I'm an editor, always revising and these aims already need updating and fine-tuning. 
  • Conquer fear of driving (Tackling Montreal. Then Boston, then NYC) Update: I will be tackling Boston first, next weekend. You heard it here first, folks. Hold me accountable. 
  • Run a 10K in TK minutes 6.2 miles * 8:30 minutes = I'm not taking time to do the math. (still working on the goal - but it's going to be faster than a 9:15 minute mile!) Note: an 8:30-minute mile is a big stretch for me... but I do think it's possible if I force myself to run. And listen to good music. 
  • Learn to sew. How cool is this place, Nido? First project: Pimp bathrobes for the boys. Making four simple Christmas stockings by the end of November 30, 2012
  • Plan an awesome party (this is more specific that it sounds). DONE! 
  • Reflect upon something for which I'm grateful every single day. I'm think I'm doing pretty OK on this one!

Speaking of editing--sort of--Vampire Weekend's song "Oxford Comma" has  powered a few minutes of my last few runs, so yesterday, I wanted to make sure that I knew what an oxford comma was... and I did. It's just another name for a "serial comma"--you know, the one right before the "and" the precedes the final item of a list. As a journalist (see, I'm talking editing...) I generally don't do oxford commas. 

Then, as I tend to do... I sort of got obsessed with fact-finding. Just as I was about to start digging around on the web to find out what the hell this song was about, I noticed the quote of the day on dictionary.com. I kid you not, it was this: 

"A poem need not having a meaning and like most things in nature often does not have." 
--Wallace Stevens

It sort of freaked me out.. Not really, I thought it was pretty cool. Regardless, I took it as a sign and got back work  instead of madly Googling Vampire Weekend. So now, I must ask you: What does this song mean? Whaddya think? 


  1. You can handle Boston! My tips- wear sunglasses so they can't see the whites of your eyes. Don't use your indicator, it gives them an unfair advantage. When merging into traffic, pretend to be changing the station on your radio and not paying attention to the road- their fear is your advantage!! (Just kidding- sort of.)
    Signed, An embattled Rt 93 daily commuter.

    P.S. In town for anything cool?

    1. I love these tips - thank you!!! Visiting our friends Amy and Sean (& Molly and Penny) in Sudbury... Amy and I are venturing into the city for a few hours during the day ... where do you guys live?

    2. Just saw this- hope you had a successful trip. We are in Quincy, just south of the city.

    3. It was superfun! And I totally loved the ICA... you should check it out of you have a chance (if you haven't already). It was nice to go sans kids but it looks like they have some really awesome programming for families there. (Tons of little ones running around.)