Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 32

Interviewed a cool woman. Transcribed the interview. Finished a novel over lunch and then some (while the boys were at daycare - this felt akin to paying someone to clean my home while standing by and eating bon-bons - not good). Emailed with our next Fixing Dinner winner for Eat Healthy Your Way, a magazine I edit that's distributed exclusively in the military commissaries. Turns out that she (also mom of two boys) and I have very similar tastes in boys names. Her oldest is Isaac, which was our first choice for Kai's but juxtaposed with Olin, wasn't good. Say it. You'll see. Her Isaac would have been Xavier if it hadn't clashed with her last name. My interviews always end up "somewhere else" - even if done over email. But connecting with random strangers is part of why I love my work so. Impromptu drinks with Ri and Eliza. Great day, now that I managed to ditch my guilt over reading my novel during the workday, then heading out for a girls' night.

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