Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 92

Today I did not spend even 5 minutes outside. Save for those brief moments of  buckling my big boys into their seats, leading them from the parking lot into their school, walking myself into my new grey cube and back out again, sprinting into Hannaford for bananas (it's yellow week in Kai's chickadee room) and back out again, I pretty much kept myself behind closed doors.

I declined an invitation for a sunny stroll with two co-workers. I overlooked the opportunity for a full-moon pajama walk with the boys and the diggity.  

I feel guilty and I feel wasteful. But forcing a positive spin, I (guess) I am grateful for realizing right now that I'll aim to make tomorrow more like yesterday when I recessed for a bike path run. It was a gorgeous, mild March day and, after my 3 miles (in less than 25 minutes - woot! woot!)  I slowed to a walk and snapped this pic: 

I love how your (or at least my) brain reads this
in the correct order: Keep Right. More than that, I love that you
(or at least I) can read this to mean, "Stay on the good path."
Tomorrow, I will breath fresh air. For at least 20 minutes. As Julian says with an outstretched hand, waiting for a shake... DEAL. 

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