Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 114

Lately, conversations between Jon and me go a little something like this:

"Do you know where Julian's shoes are?"

"Did you feed Digs yet? He's acting hungry." (Always the answer: yes - he's full, just trying to trick us.)

"Did the cats get fed? They're acting crazy too."

"How was pickup?"

"Maria said you mentioned that you talked with her about hanging out with them this weekend - what's the plan?"

"Did you talk to your mom yet?"

You get the picture. They're not really conversations - just a series of questions spread through the day, mostly about the various tasks tied to being the two reigning adults in the house. 

His and hers 

But tonight Jon and I had a HOT date tonight (see photo). I was perusing PubMed -'cause I'm cool like that. He was exploring places to visit during our upcoming drive through several states, over several days, in our van with our (highly energetic) boys  and our sweet, sweet dog Digs who weighs more than 80 pounds - that's nearly three times the weight of a Iegal canine companion, per the website of the hotel we've booked for a Saturday-night stay. (The person on the phone says no problem.) 

I'm certain a relationship expert could have a field day with our "couple situation" these days but here's what I have to say: we have two awesome kids under four, two increasingly intense careers, one messy house and three demanding furry children. So... the fact that we can enjoy sitting side by side, typing, works for me right now. 

But I do look forward to leaving the boys with Jon's parents and going jogging with him through the streets, like we did in Forest Hills, in the spring of 1999, when he told me his last name and that he was probably moving to Spain. #holycrapithasbeenforever

Tell me: What's your secret to staying connected?

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