Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 107

Here's my recurring thought of the day: "I should be  ______ but instead I am  _________."

For instance, I should have been writing copy. But instead, I was finding influencers in the health field to follow on Twitter. (Which is TOTALLY applicable to my job but perhaps not today's top priority. Perhaps a better Twitter priority: figuring out how to actually use Twitter efficiently.)

Or, tonight, after putting the boys to bed, I should have been packing for DC but instead I was painting my toes teal.

And then, I should have been cleaning the kitchen but instead I was cutting and pasting all of my friends' reading suggestions from Facebook onto this easily accessible page.

I really should have been packing but instead
I was messaging my sis pics of potential outfits to yay or nay.
But guilt is a funny debilitating and annoying thing because there's always something else you could be doing. And, really, shouldn't you just be OWNING what you've chosen to do? You know, I almost skipped yoga at lunch today but going to Kerri-Ann's 40-minute class - conveniently just down the hall in the conference room - was JUST what I needed. (Thanks, Wendell, for coming to get me.) 

And, for just one tiny little moment tonight, I felt that maybe I should have been a little more aggressive about getting the boys to sleep before 9 p.m. But there's no school tomorrow... and reading a big stack of books - half of them Christmas stories, Julian's choice - and then lying on the floor next to Kai's crib, with Jules wedged in between us, reaching up for his little bro's grasp, smiling with pride as he whispered in my ear, "Kai loves my hand" was just what I should have been doing.  #screwguilt 


  1. Wow-- here we meet again-- on the same page. THANK YOU!! OWN IT!! I LOVE YOU!!