Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 97

An extra hour of light brought everyone outside today and on my drive home I saw sidewalks filled with strollers (and by that I mean both leisurely walkers and baby rides), joggers and happy dogs. The little guys ate their dinner early and we dusted off the scooter and the trike and rolled down to watch Owen and Emmett smash the ice of their backyard rink. I love how everything "wakes" up at the start of spring. 

What I don't love about the "spring ahead" time change is how little guys don't know that it's time to sleep. (Well, because it's not...) 


"I have a nail problem!" 

Jules and I have been talking a lot about problems lately. I want him to know that instead of whining about an issue, you can identify the problem and you can chose to do something about it. You can think of a solution and try it out. Apparently he's homed in on the problem: his nail needs trimmed (since he's been picking it). It also seems that he's come up with a potential solution: Scream at the top of his lungs so that we come running because we don't want Kai to wake up.

So I go upstairs with the nail clippers. Apparently he's "already fixed the problem," with another solution. "I picked it." 

But the problem is, he has another problem. His leg hurts. Luckily, he's ready with a solution. Two actually: "Maybe I should bend it. Or maybe I should buy a new one." He sounds like he's serious. I can't tell. I start cracking up. I can't stop. He thinks this is awesome and hilarious. We laugh and laugh. I calm him down, I pat his back. I tell him that he's a funny boy but that it's really time for bed. He agrees.

I settle in downstairs...  "I have a problem!" Up again. He doesn't really have a problem. He has a story.  About chocolate cupcakes - and one "banilla" one. For Emma's birthday. She got a whole one, everyone else got a half. I kiss him goodnight - again. And go back down.

It's been six minutes. It's 9:56. Goodnight? 

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