Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 93

Today, Mike B. and I met for coffee, a catch up and our first session of play-making. First conceptualized in oh, maybe 2007, the concept is brilliant, the characters are already cracking us up and the artistic direction is gonna be out of this world. Never mind that we know absolutely nothing about writing a play (likely as evidenced by my using all the wrong terms). We'll learn. Maybe it'll suck. Or maybe it won't. But it's happening, yo. Tips welcome. More soon. 

Today: Grateful for Mike B., my creative co-conspirator. 
Sketchy business.

PS: All of my books on the Algonquin Round Table will be making the (cut-the-clutter) cut. Oh how I've missed you, Mrs. Parker, Mr. Benchley, and friends.

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