Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 147

Jon just did a big switch-over of the boys' clothes, and I was shocked that Kai has already grown into this outfit:

Kai: age 2 years - 1 day
I was also surprised, two years ago, when Julian was big enough to wear these sweet brown-and-turquois striped pants, a hand-me-down from my friend Stacy, who bought them for her boy Sawyer when she was in Spain. Sawyer is six-and-a-half now but I remember, clear as day, sitting across from Stacy at a faded cedar picnic table outside of our old office on Ferry Road, chatting after lunch. She was thrilled about her upcoming trip to Spain for a dear friend's wedding but - like most mamas of little ones - conflicted about being away from her guy, then just two, for a whole week. Of course, she had an awesome time and, apparently, came back with the pants. I learned of this purchase when she passed them to me two years later. 

Now, another plus-two years, Kai is the third blue-eyed boy to rock the Spanish pants.

... Nothing like a pair of tiny trousers to remind me it's been exactly 365 x 2 days + 1 (Leap Year!) since Jon and I were heading to the hospital with a bag packed with (mostly unnecessary stuff and) the tiny newborn sleeper we'd bring Kai home in. And since JuJu--exactly Kai's age now minus three days --would wake up a big brother and eat pancakes with Chris and Ri. 

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