Saturday, May 5, 2012

Day 151

Dear Jules,
Four years ago today, you surprised us nearly six weeks early: our woulda-been-Gemini Cinco de Mayo party boy.

You were born spicy - a huge part of what makes you so awesome (if sometimes exhausting). Here are 10 reasons why you rock my world right now (in no particular order):

1. Your curiosity. Like me and your dad, you are a natural-born nerd, always asking why why why, ...and that is so incredibly fun for me. Mostly.

2. The "go big or go home" way you phrase everything. (e.g. Mama, I love you very very very very very very much)

3. How you ask me to tell you a bedtime story and constantly edit the details.

4. Your perceptiveness and insane memory. You notice...everything. You're totally tuned in.

5. The way offer your little bro step-by-step instructions on how to do everything... And you've got helpful advice for everyone else too. It's the Olin in you and I love it.

6. That you know what you like (the colors pink and purple; "Sunny Days"; mangoes and grapes) and what you don't like (e.g. The fiesta shirt that is "too buttony, too flowery, too black and too big." For the record, it is brown.)

7. That you are "the kid who plays with everyone," according to your teachers. Embracing wide circles opens your world to a richer much more fun life, you know...

8. Your sweet big-kid gestures, including (but not limited to) cheek kisses, "have a good workday" wishes and joyful "you forgot I am a big boy" reminders.

9. Our shared loves: music, reading, dancing, baking, making art, performing, hanging with Ri, Grandma Kath and Aunt Kate.

10. Your inexhaustible energy and perpetual passion. Truly.

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