Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 170

I posted the picture below on Facebook and a friend from college called it "alternative magazine cover worthy." (hey, thanks!) So what, then, would be the cover story? Well... It might be an evocative political piece about throwback values (something I'd love to read!) or a feature on how people my age and older are thinking about food in ways more like their grandparents than their parents (I've actually written about that before).

I wish I had time to tackle such topics, and do them justice. But right now I am sitting in a parking garage, typing on my phone, a tad early for a conference because I rushed out this morning worried that I might be I will just tell you the story behind the photo:

- I have been at a conference all week.
- My mom flew in yesterday, early evening.
- I saw a note from Megan on Facebook that reminded me I had to make muffins for the preschool bake sale.
- We (Mom, Jon, boys and I) went to Flatbread for dinner.
- We walked to the Farmhouse to wish Mike B. a happy birthday (left Jon there).
- Mom and I went home ... bathed and "booked" the boys, then put them to bed
- I cleaned up the kitchen (tying on this apron, a thrifted gift from Holly).
- Mom and I chatted.
- I complained that I needed to make muffins.
- Jon came home.
- We all chatted.
- I discovered we had no bran.
- It became 11:30 pm.
- I pulled out The Joy of Cooking (the 1975 version, a 36th birthday gift from Sister Kate).
- I realized I had a shit-ton of sour cream. And strawberries.
- It became midnight. I was tired and sorta annoyed.
- I poured some wine.
- I made sour cream muffins. Mini ones. I added strawberries. They were organic.
- I made Jon take this picture of me.
- I chatted with Mom and Jon. I was more tired but less annoyed.
- We sampled muffins. Yum - their taste was sorta like that of pancakes.

I dropped them off this morning at Julian's classroom for the bake sale. He is at home with Grandma Kath. And I'm about to go inside now to listen to scientific lectures on how to "combat obesity." (Which I find fascinating.)

Grateful for... my ability to improv with on-hand ingredients, Mom and JO's company, "perfect" gifts (cookbook, apron).

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