Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 148

Dear Kai Guy,

You're two today and totally awesome. Know what I love about you right now? I'll tell you ten things:

1. Your self-awareness. I love that you know when you "need a hug" and "you're really, really tired." Stay that way, my little Buddha. It's good for you -- and everyone in your life.

2. The way you grab the top of my shirt (or anyone else's) like a Linus blanket and suck your thumb. Maybe this will become weird soon but right now it's adorable and sweet.

3. How you wave to passers-by, with your big dimpled smile, singing "hi" in your tiny little voice. Spreading joy is a nice thing and you're most always in a joyous mood, even the minute you wake up. Seriously, how?

Cheese! It's my birthday.

4. Your sweet dance moves: the shimmies and spins. Never lose your love of dance and music... please.

5. Your recent obsession with basketball. (And the fact that you keep saying, to anyone who will listen, "I hurt my knee playing basketball." You know you didn't - you're just parroting Uncle Manny.)

6. How much you admire and love your big bro: It's awesome to watch you cracking up over Jules's antics, to hear you echoing his every word, see you repeating his every move. (Though I admit that this last part is sometimes crazy-making.)

7. Your burgeoning independence. Climbing steps, getting dressed, opening doors - you want it to be "Kai's turn" every time. Love it. But you suck at brushing your teeth (as you should) so I'll keep fighting that battle, buddy.

8. The fact that you demand your three books before bed, no matter what. You always notice when I try to downscale the routine - and two books is simply unacceptable.

9. That Demps is your best bud. In a house full of chaos, you never forget to say good morning or good night to your furry big bro and you steal as many snuggles as you can get. Keep at it. Our sweet, sweet boy won't be around forever and I want to you imprint so many great memories of him that you'll never ever forget the special bond you had with your first diggity.

10. Your buttery Buddha belly. This my seem like a lame one to end on but, seriously, we see it so often, with you having wrap up your thumb to suck in the bottom of your shirt when someone else's is unavailable. And that tummy really is delicious.

PS: This list is just sampling of random reasons you make me melt, things I've noted recently and never want to forget. To come up with something comprehensive would be impossible (and so intimidating that I'd never be able to get started).


  1. Love this! Love Kai, love his belly, love the post, LOVE, love, love.