Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 155


  1. I will speak softly. (OK, more softly.) I will not carry a big stick and I absolutely will not interrupt others.
  2. I will exercise. Even if it's just a walk at lunch.
  3. I will be a "yes, of course I can" kind of innovator. 
  4. I will conquer problems with super creative solutions.
  5. I will be patient.
  6. I will be kind. And thoughtful.
  7. I will be quiet. Sit still and focus.  
  8. I will pipe in Pandora Vivaldi to facilitate #7.
  9. I will read more of those papers on obesity so I can pass my pre-test. (And I will stop eating M&Ms while doing it. Even if they are in moderation. Even if they are "dark" chocolate. That term isn't really even defined, you know.)
  10. I will seize the day
How bout you? Tomorrow... 

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