Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day 152

Years ago, I assumed I'd never be the kind of person who'd succumb to "cliches" like obsessing over strands of grey and wrinkles or how swiftly little babes sprout into big boys. Now, I'm 36 with two kids--and genes that set me up for early greys, dark under-eye circles and ... nostalgia.

Today, I got a text from my friend: her "baby" turned two yesterday, three days after Kai's 2nd birthday, the same day my big guy turned four. She'd been weepy all weekend. Miraculously, I hadn't. Maybe because I'd been too busy moving. My mom came in on Monday; my sis and dad flew up on Friday, a few hours after I jetted down to NYC for the James Beard Awards. I returned Saturday morning in time for a fabulous fiesta to celebrate the boys' birthdays. We all spent today riding bikes and shooting hoops. I love my life right now--right now.

But I get teary all too often, thinking how quickly we seem to be creating new Shutterfly calenders with new pictures of the boys, who are taller and leaner in each version.

There's nothing I can do to stop time. Nothing anyone can do. 

But... we can try to soak up every moment. Or, as my new magenta bikini said to me, as she begged me to bring her home: "All we can do is rock the right now." 

The tankini in my drawer makes me feel frumpy. This color is hot. So, no, I don't have a supermodel shape and I do have cellulite. But my belly is fairly flat, even after two kids, and this swimsuit just felt right. Right now. And probably won't in a few years. So I bought it (breaking The Compact). More than a swimsuit, it offers a good reminder: Seize the day. Rock the right now. Love, live up every moment.

PS: I realize that this may seem like a very far-fetched way to justify a purchase but I'm serious... 

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