Friday, May 18, 2012

Day 164

My friends often ask what I eat - guess it's the whole food mag/nutrition degree thing. Lately, here's what my day looks like:

Breakfast: toast spread with mashed avocado (inspired by Boz and Val and the heart-healthy meal plans I am editing)

Snack: about six servings of sugar snap peas (expensive habit)

Lunch: tabbouleh and some bites from the test apple. Today I had a chicken salad and iced latte,

Snack: a Greek yogurt

Dinner: whatever we can get made. See this week's strat plan below...just wrote this up at parking lot of boys' school

Extras: coffee, coffee, coffee, a glass of red wine and (too many) dark chocolate M&Ms, bites from the boys' plates (grrrr!)

How bout you?

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